How we do it

Make a claim

Please call your insurance company and lodge a claim – this will enable our Customer Service Team to take care of the rest. In most instances the request will come through to us but from time to time you may be directed elsewhere. If this happens, please notify the claims adviser that you would like your vehicle repaired at Bendigo Accident Repair Centre and that you would like the request to be sent to us.

Bendigo Accident Repair Centre is notified of claim

Our Customer Service Team will call you as soon as possible (within 24 hours) upon receipt of your ‘request for quote’ from your insurance company to arrange for some images to be sent through or if you would prefer a pre inspection on site, practising social distancing at all times. This step assists Bendigo Accident Repair Centre to determine the extent of damage to your vehicle and most importantly what parts may be required. Whilst we try and capture all broken parts at this point it is not until your vehicle is disassembled that we can 100% determine this.

Quote is written and lodged

Once the extent of damage has been captured, our Service Advisors write and lodge the quote as soon as practicable. Parts prices are sourced online minimising down time increasing efficiency. At this point, we also learn of parts availability as many parts are now manufactured offshore. In most instances, we can order in good time to coordinate with your booking. Please however be advised this is out of our control and can sometimes be a frustrating delay.

Quote authorised

Upon authorisation of our quote, our customer service team will call you to make a convenient time to book your vehicle in for repairs.

Booking confirmation

One week prior to your booking, if your car is not already onsite, you will receive a call or text message (whichever is noted as your preference) to confirm your booking.

Receiving inspection

At the time of drop off, we ask that you allow around 15 minutes to check your vehicle into our system and mark it up accordingly. This clearly labels the damage and the scope of repair ensuring both you and our team have the same expectation of the result. We also identify pre-existing damage and bring it to your attention. This is very important and allows you to get any extra, non-accident related damage, repaired at the same time.

Registration of vehicle repairs

Document is signed by you, the owner, or your representative dropping the vehicle off to authorise Bendigo Accident Repair Centre to commence repair. At this point, your vehicle is marked as onsite in our system. Your vehicle will now be electronically monitored through our system. This enables our customer service team to track the repair of your vehicle from our administration department, providing updates as and when required.


All vehicles entering our workshop are sanitised (anti-bacterial clean), pre-washed ensuring they are clean at the start of our process. We also re-inspect at this point to ensure all pre-existing damage has been captured and noted. You will receive a call should this happen.

Workshop check-in

Post pre-wash your vehicle is put in the queue to enter our workshop. At this point your vehicle is further checked regarding operational items such as lights and windows. The amount of fuel is noted and images obtained.

Mirror imaging of parts

Whilst vehicles are in the queue waiting to be dismantled, parts that have been pre-ordered at booking confirmation are checked against the car. If they are incorrect the part is returned, and a replacement ordered in good time of delivery.


Your vehicle is dismantled and at this point inspected for any hidden or unseen damage. This is captured and reported to your insurance company. You will receive an update from our customer service team at this point and an estimated delivery date.


Repairs are carried out by our qualified technicians to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications.


After repairs are complete and quality checked, your vehicle is prepared and then painted by a qualified paint technician using Sikkens automotive paints. Prior to the vehicle leaving one of our paint booths it is examined, and quality checked.


Experienced assemblers refit the vehicle as required. Panel gaps and replacement parts are quality checked and tested where applicable.

Delivery notification

At this point, our customer service team will call or send a text message to notify you of a delivery day and time.


Our passionate detailing team wash and detail your vehicle adhering to local water restrictions and environmental processes. Your vehicle is quality checked and signed off for delivery.

Certificate of Repair

You will be presented Bendigo Accident Repair Centre’s 3-year warranty and offered a hand over to go over the repair to your vehicle.

Follow up

Approximately one-week after delivery our customer service team will be in touch. We like to personally check in with you to make sure you had a great experience and that you are happy with the repairs and workmanship. We value your feedback, and this is shared with each department who are very passionate about what they do. Each vehicle that enters our workshop is treated like our own.